Riding bicycle the seaside of Shikoku&Shimanami-line 28th April(SUN)-5th May(SUN)

  • ①Takamatsu→②Tokushima→③Muroto→④Susaki→⑤Ashizuri→⑥Uwajima→⑦Matsuyama→⑧Omishima→Hiroshima

1:28th April Takamatsu→Tokushima 91km 297m

2:29th April Tokushima→Murotomisaki 128km 907m

3:30th April Murotomisaki→Susaki 123km 554m

4:1st May Susaki→Ashizuri 118km 1642m

5:2nd May Ashizuri→Uwajima 109km 1140m

6:3rd May Uwajima→Matsuyama 119km 1279m

7:4th May Matsuyama→Omishima 84km 787m

8:5th May Omishima→Hiroshima 74km 1113m

875km 7949m

Days:28th April(Sun) to 5th May(Sun) 2018 Max-8-stages(You can join from 1-stage)

Meeting at 27th April(Fri) 19:00 APA-Hotel Takamatsu-kuko
〒761-1402 Kagawa-pref Takamatsu-city konancho yusa2425−2 TEL:087-879-1111

  • The aim

ROUND SHIKOKU&SHIMANAMI Bike Ride】is the long-riding bicycle tour , visiting cities around the seaside line. Through riding , foods , staying , and the attractive matters , we experience the attract of Shikoku-Shimanami. The Town-development-event of Japanese-Golden-week-holidays. Trough the corporation of the riders , riding by each-oneself , achieve the round-Shikoku-island Shimanami-Seaside-line.

  • How to join

Through the one-way riding of the Shikoku-Shimanami-round trip , separating to 8-stages. Each one riders join to the stages, up to the ones schedule. You can join from one-stage , or 3-stages , up to 8-stages aas your like.

Riding from the staying to the next staying , visiting the sightseeing , lunch-places. We afford the recommendation-course.

  • How to support

The staff will bring the riders-luggage , such as changing wears , that is not needed while riding , by the supporting motorcar while the rider is on riding , support the safe finish.

We prepare and book the staying in each town. From the staying to the next staying , watching the sightseeing ,  beautiful-places ride bicycle with the corporation of the riders. The supporting car will move after the last rider.

4.Price for the ride-joining 1person1stage fee@8,000JPY(Tax-included) 8Stages : 64,000JPY

a(Include Personal-luggage-carrying、Car-driving-fee、Support-Staff-fee、Supporting-foods&drinks)

5.Price for Travelling(Staying , Bath , Sleeping + Dinner , Breakfast、Keeping the bicycle in the hotel、Staff-Attendant)

Every staying price is up to the each staying-fee. As checking the below



We afford road-bike(max2)or cross-bike(max6)

Price(bike-lossing & Maintennance-support fee)

※We afford you for the changing-prepare bicycle in case of accidents on riding.

Road bike per one day6000JPY(8-days 48000JPY)

Cross-bike per one day4000JPY(8-days 32000JPY)

General rental

We can prepare some other bicycles taking in Japan.

Please ask for us

7.Max-riders possible to join 15persons Minimum riders possible to have plan 5persons 


28th April Takamatsu AM5:18Sunrise~18:45Dime 

06th May Hiroshima  AM5:16Sunrise~18:58Dime

27th April(Sat) Privious night stay & Orientation

Staying APA-Hotel Takamatsukuko(1km-far from Takamatsu-Airport)


Dinner : Japanese set menu of Kagawa-pref products

The bicycle is possible for setting and keeping in the hotel reception-hole-area.

Before or after the dinner , we take orientation of the riding-tour-course


28th April(Sun)

Start from APA-Hotel Takamatsukuko

Start time 7:30 Taking the riders-luggage to the supporting-motorcar , check the safety , and start.

1st Stage 4月28日(日) 高松ー徳島 91km 297m

Lunch recommend Higashi-Kagawa-city Udon-noodle , Grilled-Beef-Berbecue

Staying Kairakuen http://kairakuenkanko.co.jp/

〒770-0926 Tokushima-pref Tokushima-city Iga-cho 1-8 TEL:088-623-3333

Dinner Awa Japanese Kaiseki-set-menu


2nd Stage 29th April (Mon) Tokushima―Muroto 128km 907m

Lunch-recommend Anan-coast Chinese Ramen-noodle Seafood Japanese-Soba-noodle Western-foods

Staying  Akenohoshi-Japanese-ryokan http://www.akenohoshi.co.jp/

〒781-7101 Kochi-pref Muroto-city Muroto-misakimachi 3883 TEL 0887-22-3232

Dinner :Seafood set menu


3rd Stage 30th April (Tue) Muroto―Susaki 123km 554m

Lunch-recommend Kochi-airport , Kochi-city Kochi local foods Chinese Ramen-noodle Seafood Japanese-Soba-noodle Gilled-eel Western-foods Seafood

Staying Susaki-Toda-Japanese-ryokan

〒785-0005 Kochi-pref Susaki-city Higashifuruichimachi 2-18 TEL/0889-42-0706

Dinner:Japanese-Ryokan Home-made cuisines


4th Stage 1st May(Wed) Susaki―Ashizuri 118km 1642m

Staying HATTO Japanese fishermans-house 
〒787-0315 Kochi-pref Tosashimizu-city Ashizuri-misaki641−1 TEL:0880-88-0753
Dinner Mackerel-cooking in tub Japanese set menu
Travel fee:20,000JPY

5th Stage  2nd May(Thu) Asizuri―Uwajima 109km 1140m

Lunch recommend Sukumo-city Beef-berbecue  Grilled-Beef-Berbecue Ramen-noodle Italian
Staying Uwajima Miyoshi-Ryokan
〒798-3301 Ehime-pref Uwajima-city Tsushimacho Iwamatsu814-1 TEL:0895-32-2107
Dinner:Tosa Japanese set menu
Travel fee:20,000JPY

6th Stage 3rd May(Fri) Uwajima―Matsuyama Dogo-Onsenspa 119km 1279m
Lunch recommend Yawatahama-city Chanpon-noodle Sushi  Grilled-Beef-Berbecue Japanese
Staying Dogo-onsen-spa Tsubakikan http://www.tsubakikan.co.jp/
〒790-0836 Ehime-pref Matsuyama-city Dogo Sagitanicho5-32 TEL:089-945-1000
Dinner:Dogo-Onsen-spa Japanese classic set menu
Travel fee:54,000JPY

7th Stage 4th May(Fri) Dogo-Onsen-spa→Omishima-Island 84km 787m
Lunch recommend:Imabari-mikan-ramen-noodle or Oshima Grilled-Oyster seaside
Staying:Omishima Ryokan-Sawaki http://sawaki-ryokan.com/ 〒794-1304 Ehime-pref Imabari-city Omishima-town Miyaura5460 TEL:0897-82-0153
Dinner:Whole Shimanami-Islans seafood cuisines
Travel fee:23,000円JPY

8th Stage 5th May(Sat) Omishima→Hiroshima 74km 1113m

Staying : Hiroshima-airport-hotel http://www.h-airporthotel.co.jp/aph/
〒729-0416 Hiroshima-pref Mihara-city Hongo-town Zennyuji64−25 TEL:0848-60-8111
Dinner:Airport-restaurant Japanese-Izakaya Grilled Okonomiyaki
Taking in big-bath-spa
・After-Ride-evening-time , we take big-bath-spa at Hotel-area-one-Hiroshima-wing. Sending and back by the hotel shuttle-bus. ・Hiroshima-airport-hotel is just on the airport and you can have breakfast from early morning(6:00-) You can take flight-check-in early morning
Travel fee:24,000JPY
■Keeping Event Agreement/If you do not keep the event agreement , if you have no will to improve your attitude against the event crew caution , you may be sent off from this event.
■Conditions of participating/Ones and teams who is healthy , over 18 years old , able to ride about 120kms ride with 20kms per hour.
■Stop or change/In case of rain or so on , we continue riding in principle. But , if a terrible weather or earthquake , accident occured , iudged dangerous , it may sttopped or discontinue.The Secretariat will not pay back the fee if it is stopped or reduce of scale by inevitable reason of us.
■Mind for ride/The participant should mind that , one must keep ones own safe by oneselves , follow traffic rules , not strained ,and have fun to ride. You never ride on making long line of bicycle by some couple of teams , keep the left line in principle , pay attention to the people and cars and so on passing the streets , keep the safe for oneselfes and other people with one’s responsibility. This is not the race conpetition for higher speed.
■Driving along with car/The team entry car driver must mind that not to make bad effect to other driving cars in local.
■Staffs/The support stuff will ride among with the riders. When in riding appriciate the staff on directions.The stuff introduce the course in advance , the participant shold keep the safe by yourselves in ones own responsibility , aim for the goal.
■Time Out/We set the passing limit time in each point , if one participant is judged to be dificult to finish just on the day over time , take on the support car ,retire the stage and go to the finish point with the staff. by car.

Convention Agrement(Extract) 
・This is the cycling event , that does not make any traffic restriction for the event , riding on local street on keeping agreement.
・Only the riders can join this event who can keep safety on the self responsibility.
・For the riders responsibility , the staff will afford temporary support in case of sickness or injure , the more of them the rider himself must take all responsibility. The cost for doctors , hospitals , all the treatment cost , from the first medical examination fee to the end , you must pay. Make sure to get in insurance by yourself.
・For the riders ability , one can go to the destination by himself on searching with the smart-phone-navi-system or position locating device or catch up with the groups setting up to the ability of the riders. The organizer show the recommend course but the supporting motorcar will not show the route on driving with the riders at local.
・Over high-school-age-persons can join , but , under-20-persons , need the parent’s consent and the document for the consentment.
When we visit the temples , festivals , sightseeing-places , please take care not to get in the way of other people and keep the lines.
・For the bicycle you use in this event , prepare the machine of yourself you usually use or the one well set up.
・For the maintenance , the transport and the other preparation , is all under your responsibility.
・When the riders are on the bicycle riding, the staff will carry the rider’s luggage , that is not needed when riding , to yhe hotel-stay.
・When you carry the bicycle , please use the soft-type-bicycle-carrying-case. Please send the big type hard cover bicycle bag to the hotel of one’s final goal. If you cannot arrive to the hotel , we send the bag to your home in the later days by cash on arrival.
・The participant should mind that , one must keep ones own safe by oneself , follow traffic rules , not strained ,and have fun to ride. You never ride on making long line of bicycle by some couple of teams , keep the left line in principle , pay attention to the people and cars and so on passing the streets , keep the safe for oneselfes and other people with ones responsibility.
This is not the race conpetition for higher speed. ・Stop or change. In case of rain or so on , we continue riding in principle. But , if a terrible weather or earthquake , accident occured , iudged dangerous , it may sttopped or discontinue. The Secretariat will not pay back the fee if it is stopped or reduce of scale by inevitable reason of us , for example using taxies.
・Each rider aim the goal on the self responsibility paying attention for safety. For the accident in the event , we cannot take any guarantee over the insurance we get in for the event. Any accident occurring if you take out of the course appreciated , we cannot take anything for it.
・While riding in the tunnels , you should light on the front and back of the bicycle , keeping distance with the other riders , making one line.
・You must repair your bicycle by yourself. Please bring the reserve tube , repairing-kits.
・We prepare the independent tire inflator , vinyl tape , please check the air pressure items.
・Time Out/We set the passing limit time , if one participant is judged to be difficult to finish just on the day over time , take on the support car ,retire the stage and go to the finish point with the staff by car.
・If you cannot finish the route planning on the day , we do not change the staying prepared.
・For taking care of the hunger knock-out , replenish enough by yourself.
・Please bring wind-breaker or rain-wear for prepare of sudden coldness or rain or so on.
・Please get in the insurance by yourself.
・Please make final check on your bicycle in the bicycle-shop , for tire , tube , brake , wear new ones and join.
・The fee for ride-joining , we cannot pay you back if you do not join riding on the day.
・The organizer prepare the staying , dinner , breakfast. Joining accompany with the travelling should come with us and take travelling fee.
・Travelling with the staying , please get in the hotels the organizer prepared with the other riders. Male-Female separate rooms. If you want to stay with the couple-two-persons-using , one-person-single-room , we make the another quotation.
・Straging of bicycles at the staying , different on each staying , keeping in lobby , prepared-room , garages , each staying rooms , in the buildings.(For protecting from theft , we do not leave on outside)
●Belongings list(example reference)
〇For bicycles
Bicycle、Wears、Helmet、Glove、Spike、Flat shoes(It may occur walking on the mountain course or footsteps)Protector、Location search machine、Punk repair set、Maintenance tools 、Light on front-back、Water bottle、Rain-wear、Sun-screen-cream、Prevention of crotch shift cream、Tire、Tube、Chain、Sun-glass、After-ride-creaner、Oil、Key
●For travelling
Rucksack、Handy-phone、Changing-weas(Japanese-night sleeping-wear is prepared in the stay)Usual using-shoes、Insurance-documents、Money on cash(For lunch and other cost to bring bicycles)、Washing body-face(tooth brushing is prepared in the stay)、Medicine usually use、Supporting foods
The organizer prepare the independent air pump , supporting foods , after-ride-creaner.
Counting from one day before of the travel starting
Cancel Date(The day of Termination)
21 days or more : Free
20days ~ 8days : 20% of the travelling fee
7days~2days : 30% of the travelling fee
One day before of the travel starting : 40% of the travelling fee Just on the day of travel starting if contacting for cancel before starting 50% of the travelling fee
After starting travel or not coming to the starting point without
contact : 100% of the travelling fee

Domestic , from Tokyo , Osaka , staying in the previous night , move by Shinkansen , railways , airplanes.
At the last night , you can move at the last-night or staying the night more. Tokyo-Haneda-airport to Takamatsu-airport : everyday 13 flights Osaka to Takamatsu You can move by ferry or by bus Hiroshima-airpoirt to Tokyo-Haneda-airport : everyday 18-flights Hiroshima to Osaka you can move by Shinkansen or by bus. International You must get in Takamatsu-airport in the previous night , move by airplane.
For the last night , you must stay at the final night , take move at the next day.
27th April(Fri)
Taiwan→Takamatsu-airport AM6:45→10:20
Hong-Kong→Takamatsu-airport PM13:00→17:30
Seoul→Takamatsu-airport AM9:00→10:30
Shanghai→Takamatsu-airport AM9:05→12:00
   6th May(Sun)
Hiroshima-airport→Taiwan AM9:00→10:50
Hiroshima-airport→Hong-Kong PM17:15→20:55
Hiroshima-airport→Seoul AM11:30→13:10
Hiroshima-airport→Shanghai AM9:15→11:00

       The 347th Japan Tourism Agency director general registration tourist industry
Dealing  Japan Tourism Organization
Representative Director
Mikihiro Soma 090-4568-1444
E-Mail : soma@jtourism.jp TEL・FAX : 03-6902-1396
Tokyo-to Bunkyo-ku Suido 2-13-4 BIXEL-Bunkyo104 https://jtourism.jp/

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